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Commodities CFD trading is a popular way to speculate on the financial markets. We offer CFDs on a wide range of cash and forward commodities instruments. A commodity is a physical good that can be bought or sold on the commodity market. When you trade commodity CFDs, you enter an exciting market with suppliers, merchants and large buyers who protect their prices on future deliveries by locking in prices today. Market participants can invest directly in commodities, by purchasing the physical asset in question, or indirectly by purchasing stocks or trading derivative products. Commodities that are traded are typically sorted into four categories broad categories: metal, energy, livestock and meat, and agricultural. For investors commodities can be an important way to diversify their portfolio beyond traditional securities.


50+ commodities to trade
Leverage up to 1:20
Low competitive spreads
Commission-free funding on a wide range of deposit options


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Arno is a company offering solution based on nanomaterials products. The company purpose is production of secondary energy sources and home use, based on lead-acid battery cells using carbon nano materials. These products allow them to produce additives of various types for various fields of application including manufacturers of electronic products, hybrid vehicles and power systems The funds raised of ICO will be spent on the development of the project, purchase of the necessary equipment, invested in testing and development.

DeSpace (Protocol)

DeSpace is an advanced decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT navigation platform. The platform solves the problem users are experiencing with accessing and using multiple decentralized exchanges and other DeFi solutions by giving a single interface, using multiple DeFi and NFT platforms. DeSpace is powered by DeChain, a layer 2 blockchain solution compatible with with multiple layer blockchain solutions powering the DeFi and NFT ecosystems.

Drife ICO

Drife founded in 2018 is a decentralized ride-hailing platform with the purpose of empowering the value creators and extractors within its ecosystem (drivers, commuters, and community developers). With the power of the Blockchain technology, the DRIFE platform strives to bring a new paradigm to the ride-hailing platform and solve the horde of issues that have emerged from the current model of centralized business.

Fanadise (Platform)

Fanadise is a unique online platform with premium content created for internet influencers to monetize their social presence and bring interactions with follower. With Fanadise you can collect, stake, buy and sell NFT’s experiences and services from your favorite creators. It is a platform where you can pay to see a unique video from your favorite creator and at the same time you can get real ownership of the content you are subscribed to. All the digital content induced by the creator is tied to NFTs. Each token has its own ID from 1 to supply limit. The company will join the public sale very soon.

Glimpse (Marketplace)

Glimplse is an online platform that allows any person to upload videos of their life and sell it on the marketplace in the form of an NFT. The platform allows users to monetize content they would share by tokenizing it in the form of a digitally unique NFT. Creating and tokenizing is a powerful method for content creators to better connect with their audience. By purchasing a Glimpse, a user now owns exclusive digital content meaning no one else owns the Glimpse you purchased.

Moonbet (MBET) Airdrop

Moonbet is a blockchain- powered, decentralized IGaming ecosystem worth 1,000,000 $MBET tokens. It offers the benefits of owning a casino, sportsbook, and eSports platform to everybody, simply by holding $MBET token, based on the Binance Smart Chain. The company will be running an ICO Pre-Sale soon, and 50 billion tokens will be available for public purchase before the full ICO begins.

Omni (Dapp)

Omni is a full features and tools app accessing you to go live, share stories, chat with users, video audio call, create channels, transfer money, sell or buy products in store, create videos and photos with special effects and so much more. All exercises in this application are compensated with Omni Coins, which can be used inside the application or exchanged for BTC on Polkaswap. The company will soon announce the $OMNI token.

Polkaswitch (Protocol)

Polkaswitch is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity protocol built on Polkadot and Ethereum. The platform strives to provide the crypto ecosystem with interoperability and Cross-Chain Liquidity powering the future of global finance and crypto asset exchange. Polkaswitch is created to power cross chain communication with multiple blockchains to unlock future liquidity and enables traders to exchange Polkadot, Ethereum and ERC20 crypto assets anyplace.

Retreeb (Blockchain Service)

Retreeb, launched in 2019 is a sustainable fintech, the first distributed payment platform that shares one third of its network fees to funding social and solidarity projects. It offers a free payment service for consumers and relies on a multi-local stablecoin network and Fantom's infrastructure and allows its users to act in accordance with the universal values of ethics, sharing and solidarity. The company will announce soon the opening of Whitelist.

TribeOne (Platform)

TribeOne is the first AI-powered decentralized financial platform providing NFT funding, Borrowing, Lending, Savings and credit risk platform that offers a seamless experience backed with RAROC (Risk-Adjusted Returns On Crypto) technology. This platform guarantees reduced volatility by having bulletproof insurance products along with that lower borrowing costs through yield farming and custom-made loans for SMEs. TribeOne provides collateralized loans with LTV as high as 90% with additional benefits to regular borrowers with good credit history. This feature results in providing them a loan with a zero-collateralization ratio. Their NFT products links the DeFi ecosystem to the NFT market, where the users can get loans against their NFT or purchase a certain NFT.

UnagiSwap Finance

Unagi Finance is a decentralized platform running on Binance Smart Chain and it is also connected with Pancake swap exchange. The company launched their native token, Unagi a BEP-20 token. Unagi charges a 10% transaction fee to its users and automatically re-distributes that fee to existing token users at each transaction.


Walleteum (EUM)

Walleteum is a crypto wallet management system that enables users to buy, sell, spend, and more with their cryptocurrencies. Users can quickly and easily interact with their coin, tracking and monitoring diverse assets, have complete control over their private keys all the time and Walleteum can’t access funds without direct user authorization.


AltC Acquisition Corp. (ALCC)

AltC Acquisition Corp. (ALCC) is a blank checks company founded by Sam Altman and Michael Klein, for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. The company upsized its SPAC IPO at pricing to 45 million shares, up from 40 million shares, at $10 each to raise $450 million. The shares will be listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol “ALCC”.

Belong Acquisition Corp. (BLNGU)

Belong Acquisition is a blank check company formed with the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock market, asset acquisition, stock purchase, targeting high-growth tech and tech enabled businesses in sectors such as e-commerce, software, and digital media.
The company filed with the SEC to raise up to $150 million in an initial public offering. The Philadelphia, PA-based company plans to raise $150 million by offering 15 million units at $10 on Nasdaq under the symbol BLNGU.


Blend Labs, Inc. (BLND)

Blend Labs has filled to raise $ 340 million in an IPO according to an S-1/A registration statement. Blend Labs has built a market-leading cloud-based software platform for financial services firms that is designed to power the end-to-end consumer journey for any banking product. Blend’s existing investors include General Antlantic, Tiger Global, Greylock Partners, Coatue. 
BLND is growing quickly but producing high operating losses, operating cash burn and is seeking an IPO price that is double the public average. The company launched the roadshow for the initial public offering (IPO) of 20 million shares of its Class A common stock that could raise up to $360 million for the firm.

Alen Cerar

Economics and Finance

University of Maribor Slovenia International | 2000 – 2004

MSc in Ιnternational and European Economic Studies

University of Ljubljana Economics | 2005-2007

Work Experience

Financial analyst

Deželna banka Slovenije d.d | 2009-2012

Overseeing all branch employees and reporting to the bank manager, day-to-day branch management, including deposit accounts, loan production, customer service and product sales. Successfully managing and supervising the daily work of branch employees. Developing and implementing process improvement policies, procedures and initiatives to improve customer family retention rates and increase customer service scores.

Financial Planning Representative

UBS Group AG | 2012 – 2017

Supporting the financial planning team in delivering a complete customer service proposal in a professional, timely and efficient manner, including new business and annual review. Providing administrative support to financial planners and paraplanners. Acting as a liaison with insurance providers and other financial professionals. Executing the company's vision by providing financial, insurance and investment services to clients.

Senior Portfolio Analyst

Primer Tech International Holding OÜ, Magnates Trade brand | 2018-Present

Provides financial advisory and investment planning services. Research current investment strategies. Develop and execute investment planning. Manage customer relations. Identify and cultivate new customers. Develop and grow the work progress. Prepare financial policy and procedural documentation. Identify the improvement of the financial process. Evaluate the client's overall financial picture and understanding his needs to come up with an appropriate financial plan. Maintains ongoing relationships with clients, keeping them updated on any changes impacting their finances.


Economics and business management

Roma Tre University |

Financial Markets - Msc Risk and Finance

Specialized (Master Dott.) LSE University |
2007 - 2011

Work Experience

Financial Accountant

Waterland Private Equity |
2011 – 2015

Analysing financial trends, monitoring and reporting on accounting discrepancies. Conducting detailed risk analyses to assess potential investments.

Risk Management Consultant

CVC Capital Partners |

Developing and monitoring the policies and procedures of the finance department, ensuring that financial statements comply with internal policy and external regulations (GAAP) in compliance with contractual obligations.

Financial Consultant

Magnates Trade |

Providing financial guidance to clients in order to help them accomplish their financial goals, advising them on investments. Monitoring financial markets and economic conditions. Coordinates with the compliance office to ensure all data is meeting the requirements, analyses market trends to uncover business opportunities and maximize profits.


Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy and Banking

University of Amsterdam | 2004-2007

Investment Management

City University of London | 2007-2009

FINRA license


Work Experience

Business Banking Officer

FCM BANK LTD. (MALTA) | 2009-2012

She administered the cross-selling of banking products and services to customers. She analysed customer requirements and developed appropriate banking products. Alexia assisted in the collection of candidates' financial data and provided solutions to meet individual needs.

Investment Consultant


She designed centralized solutions, asset allocation and definition of the investment program. Has implemented financial solutions and fostered positive customer relationships. She advised clients on investments and securities.

Financial Consultant

Magnates Trade | 2018-Present

With excellent skills in presenting and explaining investment information and financial plans, Alexia conducts cost analysis and benchmarking. She develops financial models, identifies investment opportunities and creates forecast models based on current and past financial results. She advises and reports to our senior management team on financial planning.


Bank and financial management

University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business | 2005-2008

Banking and Regulation (MSc Finance)

University of Amsterdam | 2009-2010

Kingston University London

Banking and Finance MSc | 2011-2013

Work Experience

Investment Consultant

Robeco, Amsterdam | 2013- 2016

Collaborating with investors to provide them with the best tailored financial advice by identifying investment objectives and formulating investment strategies based on their objectives.

Investment Specialist

Theta Capital Management B.V. | 2016-2018

He has a successful track record of closing and supervising transactions, including in developing markets. Undertaking and managing the necessary due diligence, financial modelling, risk analysis and mitigation in the structuring of equity investments.

Financial Specialist

Magnates Trade | 2018-Present

Analysing financial data and helping make smart and strategic business decisions. Conducting cost analyses, benchmarking, and risk assessments. Developing financial models and introducing new products to the clients to accomplish their needs.


BSc Accounting and Finance

University of Split, Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism | 2009-2012

MSc Financial Statistics

Master of Business Economics: International Business | 2012-2013

Work Experience

Financial Analyst


She identified financial status by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts. She also improved the financial situation by analyzing the results; monitored variances; identified trends; recommended action to management.

Finance Specialist


With excellent skills in presenting and explaining investment information and financial plans, Branka conducts cost analysis and benchmarking. Developes financial models, identifys investment opportunities and creates forecast models based on current and past financial results. She also advises and reports to senior management team on financial planning.


Bachelor in International, European and Economic Studies

University of Malta | 1999 – 2003

Economics of Financial Markets and Institutions

University of Bari | 2004-2006

Work Experience

International Finance Analyst

Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c. | 2006 – 2011

Gesturing and monitoring prestige, giving feedback on continuous prestige and participating in exchanges to evaluate the effectiveness of prestige. Cristian worked closely with the accounting team to ensure accurate financial reporting and also guided the cost analysis process by establishing and enforcing policies and procedures. He performed market research, data mining, business intelligence, and valuation comps.

Stock Broker Analyst

Alpinex Financial Services LTD | 2011-2016

Identifying the trend of the currency exchange to complicate the data, as well as the investors and the best possible and most accurate periods of purchase and sale. He is also responsible for validating investment opportunities for both business and individuals for investment decisions.

Financial Specialist

Magnates Trade | 2017-Present

Developing solution proposals that includes all aspects of the application. Participates in all flow, presentation and location of a value proposition. He is also in charge of developing and executing a plan to maximize revenue.

Gyorgy Antal

International, European and Economic Studies

University of Cyprus | 2004-2008

Economics of Financial Markets and Institutions

University of Bari-Aldo Moro | 2008-2010

Work Experience

International Finance Analyst

Alpha Bank LTD | 2010-2015

Collaborating with investors to provide them with the best tailored financial advice by identifying investment objectives and formulating investment strategies based on their objectives.

Investment Specialist

Theta Capital Management B.V | 2016-2019

Develop solution proposals that include all aspects of the application. Participate in the development, presentation and sale of a value proposition. Develop and execute a plan to maximize revenue.

Financial Specialist

Magnates Trade | 2019-Present

Monitoring and reporting of the project status to Senior Management. It tracks regulatory plans and keeps pace with developments in the regulatory landscape. Conducts research and analyzes data. Evaluate the performance of the markets by analyzing profit and loss sheets and company accounts and providing recommendations to your manager.



Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore / Faculty of Banking, finance and insurance sciences | 2007-2010

Economics and finance

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore / Faculty of Banking, finance and insurance sciences | 2010-2012

Work Experience

Financial Services Specialist

Milano Investment Partners SGR | 2013-2018

Analysing customer requirement to recommend suitable and customized financial products and solutions as per client’s financial status. Administering and providing resolution to complaints or suggestions in consultation with senior staff.

Financial Consultant

Magnates Trade | 2019-Present

Providing support to investment advisors and maintain insurance and investment accounts. Maintaining and providing variety of financial services to customers and initiate appropriate steps to complete all applications. Analysing customer needs’ to recommend suitable financial products.


Finance and Management

University of Debrecen | 2006- 2010

Master of Science, International Finance

University of Salzburg Business School | 2010- 2012

Work Experience

Financial Accountant

Moody's Investors Service | 2012-2015

Preparing the department's budget and forecasts, making sure each division achieves its objectives. Conducting detailed risk analyzes to evaluate potential investments

Financial Manager

OTP BANK | 2015 – 2017

Working with existing clients and prospects as well as the sales team to secure financing for practice start-ups and equipment purchases.

Financial Consultant

Magnates Trade | 2018-present

Ms Boros is a key asset in the finance team. She helps protect sales and provide clients with financing options, programs and conditions.


Investment Management

IBS International Business School Budapest | 2003-2006

BSc in Corporate Finance

University of Amsterdam | 2006-2009

MSc in Strategic Finance

IBS International Business School Budapest | 2009-2010

Work Experience

Financial Accountant

NatWest Group Amsterdam | 2012 – 2015

Analysing financial trends, monitoring and reporting on accounting discrepancies. Conducting detailed risk analyses to assess potential investments.

International Financial Executive

Capital A Investment Partners | 2015-2019

Developing and monitoring the policies and procedures of the finance department, ensuring that financial statements comply with internal policy and external regulations (GAAP) in compliance with contractual obligations.

Financial Consultant

Magnates Trade | 2019-Present

Providing financial guidance to clients in order to help them accomplish their financial goals, advising them on investments. Soliciting new clients through cold-calling, emailing, advertising, and seminar-hosting. Monitoring financial markets and economic conditions.



American University of Malta | 2003–2006

Master in Corporate Finance (MCF)

SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan Italy | 2006-2009

Work Experience

Financial Services Assistant

BNP Paribas Securities Services, Milan Italy | 2010-2014

He was a vital part of the finance team that provided budget holders, staff and senior executives with efficient and comprehensive finance service. He was able to organize his activities efficiently and worked with an exceptional level of precision. He had direct contact with most of the departments of BNP Paribas Securities Services, as well as members of the public and suppliers, and was able to communicate effectively and developed good working relationships with a wide range of people.

Financial Consultant

ABN AMRO, Amsterdam | 2014-2020

Performing in-depth analysis and meeting clients’ requirements. Selling financial products and negotiating sales targets. He understood fiscal issues and provided guidance to clients.

Financial Services Specialist

Magnates Trade | 2020-Present

Kristof recommends financial products and services to meet customer needs. He constantly monitors the markets and the economy and evaluates how changes in finances can affect taxes and customer situations. Specialized in particular products, such as raw materials. He handles large amounts of money ensuring his recommendations are financially prudent. He is able to obtain information from financial analysts and listen patiently to client questions on basic financial facts.

Leonard Vincius

Bachelor in Business Administration

Sustainability Management School | 1997-2001

Master in Business Communication

United International Business Schools | 2001-2003


Master in Creative Leadership

Berlin University of Applied Sciences | 2005-2006

Certified CEO Designation

The CEO Institute | 2019

Work Experience

Head manager

Feal Group | 2009-2014

Led team of 170 employees in a busy retail research and analysis firm. Oversaw the day-to-day operations, including meeting with team leaders and auditing activity. Ensured company was meeting all legal requirements and local regulations.

Vice president


Effectively managed team of over 270 employees Oversaw executive leadership, company training, and public relations with media. Developed intensive, ambitious business strategies, short-term goals, and long-term objectives.


Magnates Trade | 2018-Present

His responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors (the board) and corporate operations and being the public face of the company


Economy & Business

Università di Debrecen | 2004- 2008

MSc Management & Leadership

Università di Budapest di Tecnologia e Economia | 2008- 2010

Work Experience

Advisory Sales Specialist

CIG Pannoinia | 2010-2013

Preparando relazioni finanziari e presentazioni da revisionare col Management. Collaborando con i team azionari e obbligazionari per essere informato sui mercati, i partner nelle campagne di vendita e le funzioni crucciali delle assicurazioni.

Management Analyst

Erste Group Bank AG | 2013-2016

Raccogliendo ed analizzando dati per la compagnia tali come reddito, dispendio e relazioni di lavoro, attraverso divisioni internazionali. Dopo raccomandando nuovi sistemi, pratiche e cambiamenti organizzativi da implementare dentro ogni ufficio globale.

Magnates Trade Brand

Primer Tech International Holding OÜ | 2017-Present

Aiuta a migliorare i processi aziendali per ottenere determinati obiettivi di business rendendo le organizzazioni e i processi più snelli ed efficienti e aiuta a implementare i cambiamenti necessari per rimanere competitivi in mercato. Pianifica le strategie idonee per il raggiungimento degli obiettivi prefissati e determina il budget necessario per realizzarle. Identifica i trend del mercato valutando dati complicati, aiuta gli investitori a trovare i migliori prezzi possibili e i giusti periodi di comprare e vendere. Valorizzando opportunità di investimenti aiuta business e individui a fare decisioni di investimento.


Finance and Accounting

Budapest Metropolitan University | 2002-2005

Finance MSc

Budapest University Of Technology And Economics | 2005-2007

Work Experience

Financial Reporting Controller

Morgan Stanley | 2007-2011

Responsible for providing value-add analytics on front office and client revenues, expenses and other performance metrics in order to support strategic decision-making. Involved in project work as required on new systems and functionality enhancements and developing an understanding of the Firm's Business Units and product lines.

General Accounting Analyst

Baker Hughes | 2011-2019

As a General Accounting Analyst, he was be responsible for Involving effectively in review of Other Asset process. He also analysed on regular basis, advising for improvements and corrective actions. Molnar was n charge of designing and implementing internal controls over financial reporting, including accounting policy implementations distributed controllership, process simplification and internal controls over IPP monitoring and risk.

Financial Specialist

Magnates Trade | 2019-Present

Performing a wide array of tasks that include analyzing financial data to identify our company’s financial status, conducting cost and benchmarking analyses. He is also responsible for preparing budget reports, developing financial models and identifying investment opportunities. Providing assistance to the client to get a detailed picture of what the client wants and needs. After identifying a client’s main goals, Matias uses that information to customize the client’s system to suit their individual needs.


Finance Management

University of Debrecen | 1999–2002

MSc Management Leadership

Budapest University of Technology and Economics | 2002- 2004

Work Experience

Finance and Accounting Analyst

CIB BANK | 2004–2007

Managing accounting processes for fixed assets and cost of goods sold, preparing budget estimates and financial plans, managing distribution in future periods.

Innovative Finance Officer

TRI GRANIT | 2007–2011

Advising clients on the choice of services that meet their needs, stock price charts diagnosed to determine trends, support and resistance.

Business Analyst

IP SYSTEMS | 2011–2018

Revised budget requests with senior executives to determine areas to shrink and expand, revised client strategies to evaluate investment plans and recommend the right combination of deductible and payment.

Financial Consultant

Magnates Trade | 2019–Present

He manages client investment portfolios, tracking transaction costs and negotiating with brokers and exchanges to reduce expenses. Coordinates with the compliance office to ensure all data is meeting the requirements, analyses market trends to uncover business opportunities and maximize profits.


Administration, finance and control

University of Maribor Slovenia | 2006 – 2010

Scientific Master, Finance and Fintech

Bologna Business School | 2010 - 2011

Work Experience

Administration and Finance Specialist

Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d. | 2011-2014

Preparing financial performance reports, detailing planning results successfully. Collaborate with the marketing department and corporate management to create corporate premium projections.

Financial controller

Vivid Money GmbH Amsterdam | 2014-2017

Keeping trace with both personal and financial changes of clients and maintaining productive open relationships to facilitate continued revenue growth.

Investment Services Representative

Primer Tech International Holding OÜ, Magnates Trade brand | 2018-Present

Provides telephone support to financial advisors and credit union members and advise clients on matters relating to dividends and interest. She is also responsible for informing clients of maturing money market instruments and re-invest funds as requested and maintaining daily records of trades, by client and by type of security.


Financial Services

Faculty of Economics in Rijeka | 2004-2008

Master in Economics and Business Economics

University of Dubrovnik | 2008-2011

Work Experience

Senior Financial Consultant – Risk Analyst

Societe Generale Splitska Banka | 2011-2014

Establishing and maintaining effective relationships with new and existing customers to optimize the business and achieve all objectives. Analyzing customer requirements to recommend and customize financial products and solutions according to the customer's financial status. He is also in charge of administering and performing various tasks such as opening personal and business accounts, preparing and completing savings and other financial certificates, and auditing of accounts. Maintaining and providing a variety of financial services and corporate loan solutions to clients and taking appropriate steps to complete all loan applications. Analyzing and solving problems and issues related to financial services and loans in the professional field and offer products according to the customer's convenience.

Risk & Portfolio Manager

DNB Bank ASA (Copenhagen) | 2015-2017

Developing and updating the budget calendar, budget instructions and managing the consolidation and distribution of models. By studying the capital markets and the various investment options offered for companies. Coordinating with clients to design the initial database, interpreting the current insurance and facilitating all offers for the same. Maintaining knowledge of all financial plans for the company and executing all policies. Maintaining the audit trail, account charts, codes and authorizing appropriate business adjustments.

Financial Consultant

Primer Tech International Holding OÜ, brand Magnates Trade 2018 | 2018-Present

Monitor financial market trends and ensure the effectiveness of your plans and identify any necessary updates. Recommend strategies that clients can use to achieve their financial goals and goals, including specific recommendations in areas such as cash management, insurance coverage and investment planning. Studying possible financial risks and providing measures to overcome any contingencies that could make the organization financially unstable. Collaborate with financial planners and design an effective client strategy, prepare financial plans and organize finance training sessions.


Bachelor in Banking and Finance

University of applied Sciences BFI Vienna | 2007-2010

Master in Economy and Business Management

University of applied Sciences BFI Vienna | 2010-2012

Master in Customer Experience & Innovation

EAE Business School | 2012-2013

Work Experience

Operations Manager Customer Service

VANAD Engage | 2013 -2018

Analysing support workflows and making suggestions to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Specifying and building tools to improve the speed and quality of support. Onboarding and training new support team members. Identifying and acting to remove obstacles to delivering consistently high levels of service.

Customer Service Representative

Magnates Trade | 2018-Present

Helping to develop and implement customer service policies, and finding ways to measure customer satisfaction and improve services. Investigating and solving customers' problems, which may be complex. Her aim is to provide and promote excellent customer service throughout the organisation. Responsive to collaborations with the team for integrating new clients and developing relationships with existing clients.


Bachelor in Business Analytics

University of Amsterdam | 2004-2007

Corporate Finance (MSc Finance)

University of Amsterdam | 2007-2009

Financial and Business Management MSc

Kingston University London | 2009-2011

Work Experience

Financial Analyst

PartnerRe (Part of Exor N.V.) | 2011-2014

Researching macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions along with company fundamentals to make business, sector and industry recommendations. Forecasting and making recommendations to senior partners regarding whether to buy or sell stocks.

Investment Analyst

Intertrust NL BV | 2014-2017

Producing monthly reports, including key metrics, financial results, and variance reporting. Contributing to client growth and retention by assessing business opportunities and leading business planning, developing new products and investment solutions.

Financial Analyst

Magnates Trade | 2018-Present

Developing financial models and providing financial forecasts. Exploring different investment opportunities. Consulting with the management team to develop long-term commercial plans. Looking at current financial performance and identifying trends.


BS in Business & Finance, Cospicua, Malta

American University of Malta | 2004–2007

Master of Science (MSc) in Finance

European School of Economics, Rome | 2007-2009

Banking and Finance MSc

Kingston University London | 2011-2013

Work Experience

Financial Analyst

IBL Banca, ROMA | 2009 – 2011

She has been a planning aid during the financial planning cycles. Developing and maintaining efficient communication processes to ensure a smooth and consistent flow of information. He was involved in assisting the CFO and the Accounting Finance Controlling area in their activities, both on a recurring basis (On-Going) and in extraordinary and / or discontinuity operations, project support, resources and specific skills with the utmost flexibility and operability.

Financial Services Management Consultant

Ernst & Young | 2013 – 2017

She has worked with the world's largest and most innovative financial services institutions to deliver market-leading digital offerings. She designed and led workflows while playing a role in Ernst & Young's growth through successful deliveries, contributing to their offerings and knowledge, as well as developing new businesses.

Financial Specialist

Magnates Trade | 2017-Present

She ensures effective handling of customer inquiries on schedule. Collects and compiles all insurance and investment marketing materials and gathers information on the latest industry trends. Manages and responds to customer service requests on time and according to company policies and procedures. Monitors and manages the data processing system for day-to-day operations such as transaction records, withdrawals and deposits, and account maintenance.


International Economic Relations

Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb | 1999 – 2003

MSc in Development Economics and International Cooperation

University of Rome | 2004 – 2006

Work Experience

Financial Specialist

Banca Sella | 2006- 2009

Building relationships and maintaining direct contact with clients, prospects and professional consultants. He was also in charge of analyzing past results, performing variance analysis, identifying trends, and making recommendations for improvements.

Financial Planner and Analyst

Michael Page Italia | 2009-2013

Liaising with senior management to prepare the business's financial and strategic plans. Analysing financial and operational results to better understand company performance. Comparing and evaluating previous budgets and forecasts, and performing variance analysis to explain differences in performance and make improvements going forward.

Financial Planner

Universal Builders Supply Inc London | 2013 -2018

Providing financial planning advice to UBS Wealth Management clients in the UK. As a specialist, working alongside UBS advisors and a support team of paraplanners and administrators

Financial Consultant

Primer Tech International Holding OÜ, brand Magnates Trade | 2018-present

He predicts future financial trends and reports to management and stakeholders and advise on how the company and future business decisions could be affected. Granić is also in charge of developing financial strategies by guiding client to establish financial goals, matching goals to situation with appropriate financial plans. Obtains clients’ commitment by explaining proposed financial plans and options; explaining advantages and risks; providing explanations; alleviating concerns; answering questions.



Manhattanville College, USA, New York | 1992 – 1996

MSc in Finance Analysis Programma STEM

University of San Francisco | 1996 – 1999

Work Experience

Financial Analyst

U.S. Bank, Stati Uniti, New York | 2000 – 2009

Valutando i rischi e le opportunità per le organizzazioni funzionali e la gestione su molti programmi, al fine di massimizzare i margini / i profitti dell'azienda. Guidando il processo di analisi dei costi stabilendo e applicando politiche e procedure; fornendo tendenze e previsioni; spiegazione di processi e tecniche; raccomandando azioni.

Financial advisor

M & T Bank | 2009 - 2013

Fornendo pianificazione finanziaria e supporto ai clienti al fine di aiutare i clienti a raggiungere i loro obiettivi finanziari. Aiutando i clienti a mantenere le proprie attività e portafogli attuali e aiutando a ottenere risorse aggiuntive se necessario / desiderato. Con successo ha prodotto 150.000 dollari Gross Dealer Concession (GDC) in un anno, a Buffalo, New York.

General Financial Manager

AltaVista Research, LLC | 2013– 2016

Gestendo un team FP & A di 15 persone responsabili del processo di chiusura mensile, reporting mensile della gestione e analisi della varianza, amministrazione, politica e processo dei prezzi. Fornendo consulenza sulle attività di investimento e fornendo strategie che la società dovrebbe adottare. Mantenendo della salute finanziaria dell'organizzazione.

Senior Portfolio Analyst

Primer Tech International Holding OÜ, brand Magnates Trade | 2017 – Present

Da un contributo continuo e di qualità al successo di realizzazione della strategia del gruppo Primer Tech International Holding OÜ. Lavora a stretto contatto con le parti interessate nel grupo ed è responsabile per la definizione e il sequenziamento di iniziative realizzabili, strategicamente allineate che ci consentono di realizzare le scopi e obiettivi organizzativi del grupo. Lavora a stretto contatto con il gestore del portafoglio, sviluppa valutazioni iniziali sugli investimenti di alto livello e supporta la definizione delle priorità delle iniziative in tutto il portafoglio. Intraprende una pianificazione pre-progetto che includa lo sviluppo di dati finanziari. Aiuta i clienti ad acquistare o vendere sui mercati. Come professionista finanziaro studia le tendenze economiche, valuta i risultati storici, prepara relazioni scritte e raccomanda strumenti monetari.


Bachelor programme International Business and Management Studies

HSE University | 2000-2004

Banking and Finance MSc

Kingston University London | 2004-2006

Master programme in Strategic Corporate Finance

HSE University | 2009-2010

Work Experience

Client Insights Product Lead

Bank ZENIT | 2007-2009

His main responsibilities include creating the long-term product/solution roadmap involving a crisp articulation of the product value proposition and vision. Also driving the detailed definition and designing the product suite, leading a cross-functional team to develop the business requirements and user journeys.

Team Leader for Risk and Reputation Management

Deloitte | 2009-2012

Planning and implementation of projects in the field of risk management. Viktor had a participation in monitoring the work of project teams, including checking the work of employees. He also structured and organized the solution of individual tasks for accepting customer service, launching projects, concluding contracts with customers.

Managing Director

Rosbank | 2012-2018

Improving organisational and operational efficiency and optimising productivity across all areas of the business. Delivering the strategy, build capacity and drive profitable business expansion

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Magnates Trade | 2019-Present

Keeping accurate and detailed client records, identifying risks and also new opportunities and regularly contacting clients to update them about their investments. Developing risk models, which determine trade sizes and stop loss figures Working on a number of projects across different sectors.


Bachelor in Econometrics

University of Amsterdam | 2006-2009

MSc in Financial Econometrics

University of Amsterdam | 2009-2011

Work Experience

Financial Analyst

Vondel Finance / Clairfield Netherlands | 2012- 2016

Providing clients with specialist advice on how to manage their money. Researching the marketplace and recommending the most appropriate products and services available, ensuring that clients are aware of products that best meet their needs, and then securing a sale.

Risk Management Consultant

Stecc Corporate Finance - Capital | 2016-2018

Talking with clients to pinpoint the risk involved in their business, and putting controls in place to assuage the risks. Delivering risk program assessment, design and development services to assist clients reach their business objectives.

Financial Analyst

Magnates Trade | 2018-Present

Researching, analysing, forecasting, and selling financial products, developing strategies, preparing reports. Conducting in-depth reviews of clients' financial circumstances, current provision and future aims. Assisting clients to make informed decisions.


McLaren Group

McLaren is a British car manufacturer that was founded in 1963 and is based in Surrey, England. The company is considered an innovator in the world of Formula 1 racing, having won 20 World Championships and over 180 races. The global luxury car recently valued at £560 million.
McLaren is rumored to be considering a listing at some point in 2021 as the company did not have the liquidity to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the Financial Times, the company has been in talks with at least one SPAC.



NerdWallet UK is an independent financial comparison website. Launched in 2004 with a mere $800 in capital to work with Tim Chen and Jacob Gibson started NerdWallet headquartered in San Francisco, California. NerdWallet provides financial guidance to users on credit cards, loans, mortgages and other financial products. It boasts more than 100 million users every year of its personal finance website and mobile phone app. NerdWallet has expanded rapidly over the past year through acquisitions of companies including UK-based peer Know Your Money and New York City-based Fundera. NerdWallet has reportedly filed confidentially with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an IPO that could value the firm at up to $5B.

Phillips Edison & Company, Inc

Phillips Edison & Company, Inc (“PECO”) is an internally-managed real estate investment trust and also one of the nation’s largest owners and operators of grocery-anchored shopping centers. PECO owns equity interests in 300 real estate properties, including 278 wholly-owned real estate properties and 22 shopping center properties owned through two unconsolidated joint ventures with institutional partners. The company announced that it plans to commence the roadshow for its proposed public offering. PECO has filed a registration statement on Form S-11 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to offer 17,000,000 shares of its common stock to the public. IPOs price is expected to be between $28.00 and $31.00 per share.


Rivian Automotive Inc. has selected underwriters for an upcoming initial public offering that could come later this year. The company was founded in 2009 by CEO Robert RJ Scaringe who earned a Ph.D. from MIT in mechanical engineering and was a member of the automotive laboratory, is an American electric vehicle automaker and automotive technology company. The company could seek a value of about $70 billion when it goes publicand is one of the most anticipated of all upcoming IPOs in the EV space. Rivian was worth 27.6 billion back in January after approximately raising $5.8 billion in Venture Capital funding by Amazon Fidelity, Baron Capital Group, Cox Automotive, Ford and T. Rowe Price.


Robinhood is an online brokerage company with a stock trading and a commission-free mobile trading platform that revolutionized online investing. They have raised a total of $5.6 billion from private investors and was reportedly valued at $40 billion at its most recent funding round in February 2021. Robinhood revealed that it earns most of its revenue from transactions, primarily in the form of payment for order flow (PFOF), which is getting paid to route its users' trade orders to market makers for execution. On January 7th, 2021, Bloomberg announced that Robinhood is selling shares to its clients in the IPO, likely through a directed share program. After years of steady growth, they recently filed a draft registration statement (S-1) with the Securities and Exchange Commission indicating it is another step closer to its IPO. Goldman Sachs is the Robinhood IPO lead underwriter.


Stripe is a financial technology company that develops payment processing software and application programming interfaces (APIs) founded in 2010 by Irish brothers Patrick and John Collison and dual-headquartered in San Francisco, United States and Dublin, Ireland. Stripe navigates global regulatory uncertainty and partners closely with internet leaders like Apple, Google, Alipay, Tencent, Facebook, Twitter to launch new capabilities. After raising $600 million in its latest round of funding helping the firm raise around $95 billion Stripe could be one of the biggest, IPOs in history. The company has over 2500 employees working in 14 offices around the globe including London, Paris, Singapore and Tokyo. According to Forbes, investors value the company at $115 billion.


ThoughtSpot based in Sunnyvale California and additional offices in India, Tokyo London, Bangalore and Seattle is a tech company that produces business-intelligence analytics search software. The company has more than 550 employees and works with around 50 Fortune 500 companies to provide a cloud solution. ThoughtSpot is looking to become a publicly traded soon. The company announced a record 108% revenue increase for the fiscal year that ended January 31, 2020. The ThoughtSpot IPO has no confirmed date, it could arrive sometime this year, The company raised $248 million at a $1.95 billion valuation in a funding round in 2019. ThoughtSpot participated in 8 funding rounds beginning in 2012 driving up the total money raised to $743.7 million.


Uber of China could deliver one of the biggest initial public offering of the year when it begins trading soon. Founded in 2012, the company ranks among the five largest privately held start-ups in the world, Uber acquired by Didi Chuxing in August 2016 is a Chinese vehicle for hire company headquartered in Beijing with over 550 million users and tens of millions of drivers. China’s largest ride-hailing company will offer 288 million American depositary shares that it aims to price between a $13-$14 range, which could help the firm raise around $4 billion.


The Wise IPO landed on July 7 2021, pricing shares at £8 each, valuing the company at £8 billion representing London's largest ever tech listing. Wise, formerly TransferWise, is a UK-based fintech company originally focused on online money transfer services, but more recently branching out into consumer and business accounts. The company was founded in 2010 by Taavet Hinkirus and Kristo Kaarmann, two London based Estonians.
Ten years after launch, British payments group TransferWise is changing its name. They announced its name change in February 2020, designed to highlight the company’s expanded portfolio of services. The company’s revenues are in excess of £300 million, an increase of around 70% year on year, with around 2200 employees across 11 countries and more than 8 million customers.